07 March 2014

Life Can Change At Any Moment

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This week God has shown me just how blessed I am. God has shown me is how quickly life can change at any moment.

My best friend text me the other day to ask for prayer for a specific person in her life. He was not feeling well and went to the ER. Within 48 hours of receiving the text, the gentleman passed away. This event brought me back to when she text me 13 months ago asking for prayer for her sister and within 48 hours her sister had passed away.

Life can change at any moment.

The moments I am frustrated because my two blessings are not listening to me or the dishes are piled up in the sink and apparently no one else sees it, God reminds me that my time with my family can change at any moment. I am reminded that I am wasting time when I am angry, bitter, frustrated, or crabby.  He has shown me how important our time is here on earth.

My heart aches for those who have broken relationships and time has passed without healing. I have seen the regret on a mother’s face when she had to bury her son. The regret of not spending enough time with him. The regret of putting other things in front of him. The regret of wasted time.

Sadly, I have a broken relationship that I pray for every day. Although this person does not speak to me as often as they once did or if they speak to me at all, I still send messages letting them know they are important to me and I love them. This person and I were extremely close. We have named our children after one another. However, somehow our relationship has diminished. My heart aches for this person. I miss them so much. I have pain over this situation. The only thing I can do is pray. Pray for our relationship. Pray God opens my heart and God opens this person’s heart. I know the only way this relationship can be mended is by His Works.

Life can change at any moment.

We need to cherish the moment we have with one another because we never know when that could be our last time with them.

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  1. I love you lady!!! No truer words have ever been spoken. Our time with our loved ones is precious. I'm always in prayer for you!



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