03 March 2014

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Week One Complete

Week one of Jamie Eason’sLiveFit Trainer is complete!

I believe I did really well with week one. I completed all workouts, which consisted of four days. The first and second week require four days of workout sessions and three rest days. By the end of the second rest day I was very ready to get back into the gym. I cannot wait until I move into five day workouts, which start in week three. Not too far away!

My nutrition was spot on! Normally I allow myself a cheat meal each week. However, I am really trying not to do this. I know once I allow a cheat meal it is difficult for me to get back on track with my eating. I do not have that type of self-control right now. On Friday, my family normally has pizza for dinner. Oh I wanted pizza so bad! I kept telling myself that I could have two pieces and be done. I mean I am allowed a cheat meal but I did not want the pieces. I knew that once I had the two pieces I would allow myself one more or I would eat some other food. I immediately texted my friend and checked Pinterest for motivation.

My friend gave me reasons not to eat the pizza and then I found this. Once I saw the text messages and that quote I remembered why I was doing this. I need to fix my temple and eating the frozen pizza was not going to do that. I instantly went online to the Bodybuilding website and looked for a cleaner version for pizza. I found this! I felt no guilt and I was still able to enjoy pizza with my family.
During week one I found out that I liked sweet potatoes, plain Greek yogurt with stevia and cinnamon, chocolate protein bars, and carrot protein bars. Who knew?!? The protein bars have been such a lifesaver for me when I am away from the house and need a meal. My two blessings love the chocolate bars. My son asked if I could make them for his birthday cake, which is in July! I think he likes them.
Many of you may be wondering if I have lost weight or saw any changes. Well, I am not trying to focus on the scale but more on the non-scale victories. However, I am still keeping track of the pounds lost because I would like to compare with my end result of completing the LiveFit trainer. For the first week I lost 2.6 pounds and I saw some changes in my midsection. The best part was when I completed day 8 of week two and saw the difference in my workout. The weights in the workout did not change but I definitely saw a difference in my push-ups. NON-SCALE VICTORY!!!
Week two is very busy for me so I need to ensure my meals are prepped and I am in the gym early to complete my workouts. If I fail to plan then I can plan to fail!

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  1. I miss these workouts! I was doing this program right after we moved back to GA. To bad I stopped.... I'd be a smokin hot babe now if I had of kept up with it. I think I might join you on this one! Only thing is that I really need some cardio every day to help lower my blood pressure. I wonder if a couple of one mile walks each day would be bad on this program.



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