16 August 2016

Be In The Moment

Normally when I visit the dentist I go alone. Today my little man kept me company. The dentist I visit sits back off the main highway in town, and when you look out the windows you see this old wooden pathway leading to a small bridge built for just walking. Once over the bridge it appears it leads you into a beautiful sea of trees. Shaded from the highway. Shaded from the world. Each time I go I always wonder where that path leads. Always curious but never explore.

Today little man asked if we could go walk on the wooden pathway. Without thinking I respond, “Not today bub, we have a lot to do at home.” His face shows the disappointment but he counters with, “maybe next time?” I smile, and shake my head yes.

I hear the whisper, “be in the moment.”

I think of all that needs to be done: laundry, gym, dishes, finish schoolwork, all before work at 4pm. Not enough time. I need it all done so I do not stress later.

“Be in the moment.”

After the appointment little man and I are walking to the car. He believes we are leaving. I in turn know we are not. I drop off my items and tell him lets go exploring. His eyes beam. He smiles. He thanks me.

My mommy heart is filled with thankfulness. With joy.

We begin our descent from the stairs and head towards the wooden path. It is quiet. The sun is shining. The beauty He has created takes my breath away. My eyes swallow up the beauty surrounding us. I stop to take in this moment. To be in the moment. I close my eyes. I thank Him for this blessing. I open my eyes and I watch my little man before me, ready for this unknown path we are about to travel. I forget about all that needs to be done because I am in the moment. This treasured time. Mother and son. Exploring. Surrounded by the beauty of the Creator.

We make it to the beginning of the wooden footpath. Quickly we realize what we saw from afar is not exactly as it appears up close. Parts of the path broken from the elements, little man says. I agree. I think how this relates to some many people. From afar they look happy, but when you get closer you see the sadness in their eyes due to the elements of the enemy. We cannot walk this footpath because it sits off the ground and walking on it would not be wise. A part of me is saddened that little man and I could not go into the sea of trees, but oh how my heart is happy with this time with him. Little man always exploring all the while I am rushing through the days.

I thank the Whisperer.  

Be in the moment. 

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