18 December 2011

He Has Plans For Us

A couple of days ago I wrote about the new whirlwind that is making its way around my home, if you missed it you can click here.  As we embark on a new adventure that God is setting us on, we are busy preparing.  We just never expected this all to happen so fast.

 Let me back up to the beginning....
The hubby was deployed and the two blessings and I went back home to Minnesota for five weeks in July to visit family.  During that time my husband happen to look on a website to see if there was any available openings for duty assignments for September 2012.  Yes, it was over a year out from when we could leave, but he thought he would just look anyways.  No assignments were posted yet, but he did see an assignment in Fort Snelling, Minnesota.  Unfortunately, that assignment was available for November 2011.  It was obvious that we would not get that assignment.

While the blessings and I were home, God was planting in my heart that we were to retire in my hometown.  I never thought that I would move back to my hometown.  I always thought that when I left at the age of 18, that I was not coming back to live.  God had other plans. 

Rewind a little bit...

Before hubby deployed he was having some health concerns but instead of following up with the doctor, he shrugged it off and led his soldiers on a year long deployment.  After about a month downrange his health began to get worse.  He began to lose mobility in his right arm because of the pain that crept on him when he moved it.  He hardly slept at night because the pain moved through his entire body.  Doctors made a final decision of moving him to Landstahl, Germany.  While in Germany the doctors felt that there was move to his condition then first thought.  The doctor (we believe that it was God) decided that my husband was to be placed in the Wounded Warrior Program

As my husband entered the program, it was the Wounded Warrior unit that thought best to permanently take my husband out of his current unit and assign him to the Wounded Warrior unit.  Most soldiers are just attached to the unit, and once the soldier is fit for duty, they are returned to their old unit.  This was not my husband's case.  Now that my husband is released back to duty, he is eligible to PCS, or move, to a new duty station. 

We knew that he would be returning to duty shortly after CHRISTtmas, we started to look for new duty stations.  As we were looking, can you guess what assignment was still available?  Yes, four months later the Fort Snelling, Minnesota assignment was still available and had a report date of April 2012.  Hubby and I discussed a couple of assignments and decided that Fort Snelling would be our third choice. 

God said "No"

God put on both of our hearts that Fort Snelling would be our number one choice.  So hubby returned back to his unit and asked for Snelling to be our first choice.  The paperwork was prepared and began its way to Anchorage the week of Thanksgiving, for signatures.  The paperwork had to travel to three different places before we could find out exactly what assignment we were receiving. 

Fast forward to last Tuesday.....

At 0915, Tuesday morning the hubby sent me a text stating that our paperwork was at its final destination.  I was ecstatic because I figured we would have the answer by the end of the week.  The hubby arrived home at 1230 for lunch and announced that the vet appointment that I just made for on January 18th for our two dogs, was to late.  I said "how is that too late?"  He replies with "because we are moving January 14th."

My jaw hit the floor.  WHAT?!?!?! That is in 31 days!!!  "I thought we were leaving in February/March time frame!!!"

Within this past week we have pushed our dates up for moving.  We ship our second vehicle this Thursday and our movers will arrive two days after CHRISTmas.  Originally the dates were the 3rd of January for our vehicle, and January 9th-11th for our movers.  We planned on leaving January 14th, but decided last night that we will leave January 10th.  Why stay in an empty house, in the middle of winter, for nothing?!?!  So we are driving from Alaska on January 10th for Fort Snelling, Minnesota. 

We are heading home!!!  Well, heading to my home state, and two hours away from my hometown and family!!!

One last bit...
For those of you who are not military; Fort Snelling, Minnesota is not really a place that active duty military are stationed.  Fort Snelling is a reserve center, but does have a couple active duty slots available.  One of those slots we were blessed with from Him.

God is so good!


  1. WOW! So close to home! That is such a big blessing.

  2. That's wonderful! I hope your move goes well!

  3. Thank you Ladies! It truly is a blessing :)



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