18 December 2011

A Wounded Warrior

You stretch out your right hand, he reaches with his left to shake your hand.  You are confused.  He looks fine.  He talks fine, his physical appearance looks fine.  He appears to look like he may have a different kind of walk, but then you hear he is a wounded soldier.

Perception sets in.

How can he be a wounded soldier?

How can this man who looks and speaks fine be a wounded soldier?

No one knows of the long nights of no sleep caused by pain  No one notices the hurtful days where he can barely get out of bed.  No one notices shaking your hand with his left causes him distress. 
No one notices he is a wounded soldier.

He was not wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He looks perfectly fine.  As a former soldier and wife of an active duty soldier, he should not get credit as a wounded soldier.  HOWEVER, this soldier gave 20 plus years of his life to the Army.  He has lost the ability to give 100% physical strength to his children because of his duty. 

Because of his love for his country.

No he did not lose a limb.

No he did not step on an IED.

But he did give all he could for his country.

The 20 plus years has taken a toll on his body.

My husband heard this week that he is non-deployable.  The emotions began to take over.  He cannot be with his soldiers on a battlefield.


The chances of him deploying ever again is quite low.  However, my husband has given his time to his country, that is more than some can say.  He has given so much that his body says it is done.  It is time to hang up his boots.  He has lived his entire adult life protecting this country and living the Army creed.  Now, the Army has labeled him a wounded warrior.

No he did not face a combative injury, but he did give 20 plus years and now he faces a lifetime of physical pain and a lifetime of medication.  Why?

Because of his love for his country.

There are many wounded soldiers out there like my husband. 

There are many soldiers out there who have gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Many soldiers have lost limbs, suffer from traumatic brain injury, and PTSD.  These soldiers cannot give 100% to their families because of the love of their country. 

Wounded warriors come from all aspects of the military.

Please do not forget them, because of them we have freedom.

They all have stories; all gave some, some gave all.

Please visit The Wounded Warrior Project for more stories of our wounded soldiers.



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