16 August 2016

Be In The Moment

Normally when I visit the dentist I go alone. Today my little man kept me company. The dentist I visit sits back off the main highway in town, and when you look out the windows you see this old wooden pathway leading to a small bridge built for just walking. Once over the bridge it appears it leads you into a beautiful sea of trees. Shaded from the highway. Shaded from the world. Each time I go I always wonder where that path leads. Always curious but never explore.

15 August 2016

The Battle You Can No Longer Fight

Feeling alone in a world of chaos can exist. There are many people walking this earth surrounded by crowds of people but yet they feel so alone. They put on this fa├žade that all is well when in reality they are struggling. Struggling to keep up. Struggling to find a connection. A connection to what? They are unsure. They just know they are feeling alone.

14 August 2016

A Work In Progress

A year ago I felt walking away from blogging was the best thing for me to do. I told myself, or maybe it was me believing the lies of the enemy, either way, I felt I just wasn’t equipped to blog anymore. I mean seriously, I am not equipped. My words are not eloquent and I tend to ramble. I am of flesh who sins frequently and falls daily. How can I try to encourage others or lift others up when I am walking this earth completely confused? I had no idea how lost I truly was a year ago. I am still lost, but His mercies are new every morning.

29 June 2015

The Broken One

In May I decided to become a part of an amazing company. I was very hesitant and prayed A LOT about joining Arbonne. After I felt God giving me the go ahead I joined this company. It has been a ride the last couple of months and I am LOVING it! This past weekend I attended a vendor fair for my new company. I was so nervous and almost backed out, but then I remembered a pastor of ours once said “if you commit to something you need to keep your word.” So there I was ready to back out and those words rang through my head.

I decided to go.

13 May 2015

He Loves Me For Me

Some days I look back on my life; my life growing up, middle school, high school, and after graduation. I remember hating life. I was a lost person looking for acceptance. I was miserable. I thought once I turned 18 I would be gone. I would move out, leave my hometown, and never look back. I did leave when I was 18 but looking back I was searching for something, but I was not sure what I was searching for.


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