15 September 2011

Yes, I Am Back

It has been such a long time since I have written a post.  Life around here has gotten pretty hectic since the hubby was deployed.  Once the hubby left for deployment, the blessings and I were trying to adapt to our new lifestyle.  So, I stepped away from blogging to focus more on my blessings and our home.  Besides stepping away from blogging I also stepped away from other volunteer positions that I was involved in.  I had a good friend tell me that our life is like a bulls eye target.  There are times where we are in the center of everything, and then there are times where God has us step away from being in the bulls eye.  That is what God did.  He had me step away from many things and people so I could focus solely on my children.

Many things have happen in the last couple of months.  The blessings and I went back home to Minnesota for five weeks to visit family and had such a great time.  It was very hard leaving to come back to Alaska.  We also spent a lot of time here in Alaska sitting at the park, soaking up the sun, and playing with the neighborhood kids.  The blessings and I spent much  needed time together. 

Another large event that has happen during these last couple of months is that my husband is home from Afghanistan.  After five months of being deployed he was sent home due to medical reasons.  He has been home for only two weeks and is in the process of trying to find out what is wrong.  Please if you could lift my husband up in prayer it would be greatly appreciated. 

My plan is to start blogging again.  I really have missed blogging, missed my readers, and missed my fellow bloggers.  Please if you would like to receive email updates from The Forever Neighbor in your inbox please head over to the top of the right sidebar and you can enter your email.  You will only receive emails when a post has been written.

I look forward to reconnecting to all of you again!

The Forever Neighbor is back!



  1. Keeping your husband and family in my prayers! :)

  2. Good to hear you are all together, sorry to hear the reasons! I pray you get quick answers :)

  3. I shot a quick email your way....about BACH

  4. Glad to see you back! Praying for your Hubby and your family!

  5. I'm so glad you're back. I hope your husband's doctors figure out what is wrong quickly!



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