16 September 2011

Sharing Meals

Before the hubby deployed you could usually find me in the kitchen, cooking dinner or breakfast.  I loved making meals for my family and sitting down together to enjoy the blessing that God had placed in front of us.  However, that all changed when the hubby deployed.

I rarely made dinners and do I admit this? Yes, I will admit it, we turned to convenience foods.  There I said it.  At first I felt very guilty about it, but then I started realizing, why am I going to make meals that will never get ate?  I did make some meals, and we did eat the leftovers, or should I say tried.  No matter what we never ate ALL the leftovers so food was going to waste. 

Then it dawned on me.....

Why not invite my neighbor, "J," and her children over for dinner? 

So I did.

The entire meal was consumed and there were no leftovers.  "J" enjoyed this idea that two days later she made a meal and my children and I went over to her house.  So, "J" and I decided that each of us would make one meal a week and we would eat together.  Not only did this save us from wasting food but it allowed us to fellowship.  There were other times where some food was leftover, so we would divide it among us, and would have another meal for the next day.

One other thing that "J" and I started, was alternating buying pizza.  This can be expensive but there is a local pizza company that you can order a large pizza for $9.99! Every other Friday I would spend $19.98 for two large pizzas, and it was enough to feed the six of us and have a few slices left. 

Now that the hubby has returned, we will continue our pizza endeavor because the kids really look forward to pizza night.  Along with pizza night we are still continuing to share meals and create memories.

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  1. I did this with friends too, when we were in the military. It makes it a little less lonely when your husband is away and you make lifelong friends as well. Glad your husband is back! :-)



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