29 June 2015

The Broken One

In May I decided to become a part of an amazing company. I was very hesitant and prayed A LOT about joining Arbonne. After I felt God giving me the go ahead I joined this company. It has been a ride the last couple of months and I am LOVING it! This past weekend I attended a vendor fair for my new company. I was so nervous and almost backed out, but then I remembered a pastor of ours once said “if you commit to something you need to keep your word.” So there I was ready to back out and those words rang through my head.

I decided to go.

On my drive to the vendor fair I was praying. I was asking Him to bring the right people, to help me get out of comfort zone and speak with people. Once I arrived at the vendor fair I saw how the enemy was trying to discourage me. I sent a message to a couple friends stating how I just wanted to go home and how discouraged I was. One friend replied with, “Smile, meet other vendors, show grace-like you always do!” At that very moment I needed those words. I needed the encouragement. Oh I should mention besides the vendor fair I have a large goal to meet by the end of June, which is over in a couple of days. The stress was on. I felt like I was going up against Goliath.

 I prayed.

Then shortly after I saw a woman keep walking by my table. She walked by once. Then she walked by again. Finally I introduced myself and carried on a conversation with her. I spoke with this precious woman for about 30 minutes. People walking by my table. People I could not engage with because my focus was on her. This precious woman was broken. Lost. Needing a friend. Finally I asked her if I could pray for her. She said yes.

 So we prayed.

Once the fair was over and I arrived home I felt defeated. I sat in my office with my husband and just cried. I compared myself to other vendors. I saw all their contact sheets from potential customers. I allowed the enemy to bring me down. I allowed the enemy to tell me lies. To tell me I am not good enough. To tell me that I will not make my goal this month.

I felt defeated.

Until the next morning.

As I was sitting in church the next morning I was an emotional wreck. The tears would not stop. I needed Him. I remember standing there during worship time and just the longing I had to sit at His feet. To feel His comfort and arms wrapped around me. The songs continued and each song spoke to me:
“Nothing formed against me shall stand.”
“There are greater things to come.”
 “I sing praises.”  

Oh yes Lord! Words of the spoken truth.  Each of these verses from each of our songs spoke to my heart and each time I sang those words the harder the tears fell. Then He whispered to me, “Yesterday you built up My kingdom. You prayed over one of my broken children.” At that moment I realized it wasn’t about my new company. It wasn’t about me. I was not there for the business I was there to build up His kingdom.

You know what?

I may not reach this goal I have set, but I have reached another goal; to show His love to others.
One of my reasons to start this business was to show His love and to bless others. If I cannot reach certain goals or promotions in my business but excel in these two areas then I say I have succeeded!

To Him be the Glory!

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