29 December 2009

So It Begins....

How it all started:
I met my neighbor and we became great friends. One day my dear neighbor friend tells me about this blog she has came across. I say "blog? What is a blog?" My dear neighbor friend continues to tell me about this "blog" and all the information it contains. So, after having a cup of coffee with my neighbor friend and discussing this "blog" thing, I decide to go home and check out this "blog".
Well, that did it, I was hooked ever since.  I saw how this "blogger" was being frugal, debt free, and living simply.  "Living simply", what is that I thought.  (I know I need to get out more ;)  I wanted to know more about this living simple, and frugal living. 

After a couple of months I came across more and more blogs, and started to feel inspired. Inspired as a mother, wife, homemaker, and a daughter in Christ. I have learned so many new things, challenged in new ways, finding my weaknesses but yet finding my strengths, and also finding ways to help us become debt free.

I have no idea what my vision is for this blog, as of yet. I decided to start this blog at 0200 in the morning, but I know that eventually it will all work out, and all the honor and glory will be His!

So, to my neighbor, my forever neighbor, the one who has started me on this "blog" thing, I THANK YOU! =)

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