08 January 2014

You Have Time

Yesterday I spoke with a dear friend about new changes we introduced into our homes. Some of the changes that my husband and I are bringing into our family are not necessarily new but things that have worked for us in the past. For example, the chores chart. My blessings have chores to do but have we enforced them like we should? No. Do they complete the tasks I have given them to do? Most of the time. Our family needs to get back on track with our routine and organization.

When I prayed about my 2014 to-do list four words kept coming to mind. Time management and organization. I cringed each time I thought about this. I have become horrible with these four words. My family and friends can tell you that many times I forget to do something, or I am late mailing things out, or late bringing items to people. It truly bothers me that I am like that.

So, that is what I am working on this year. Time management and organization. When speaking with my friend I told her that I am taking things slow. I cannot just jump in with both feet and take all the changes at once. I know myself. I will fail if I do that. I become overwhelmed, stressed, angry, and then feel like a failure. Some people can just jump in and make the changes, but with this area of my life, I can’t. I knew that the new changes would take some time for my family to get use to as well.

I have introduced the chore chart again. I have revamped it by adding new chores or taking away some that are not needed. We need to work on getting back into school and waking up early. The last couple of months we have slacked on this. Instead of waking up Monday morning at 6am and starting this new routine, I am slowly working on getting up earlier each morning.

Starting new routines can be overwhelming because most people believe they should jump in all at once. I have learned that it takes time. Focus on one area that you want to incorporate and work on that area. Then once you have that figured out, move onto the next item and so on.

If you have certain goals or resolutions for the New Year remember it is for the YEAR not the first week or the first month of the year, but the whole year. You have time. Slow down. Focus on one or two areas and then move onto the next. You got this!

Slow and steady wins the race, remember?


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