24 September 2013

Thank You Lord

Do you have some days where you sit there and wonder what you can be grateful for? The enemy gets into your head and surrounds you with negativity. He whispers you are fat, you cannot keep your goals, you’re a failure, your children look at you crazy, your parenting is a joke, and you cannot maintain your home. Each whisper gets louder and louder and eventually you begin telling yourself the same things. We begin to play into the enemy’s schemes without even realizing it.

Today I knew I was blessed and had many blessings to be thankful for. This morning I watched my hubby wake when it is was dark so he could go to work. He works long hours to provide for his family. He does not complain. He complains about nothing and offers nothing but grace to me when I least deserve it. I am grateful for my husband God has blessed me with.

Then this morning I sent one of my friend’s a text letting her know I was awake. She has started texting me in the morning to ensure I wake up by 6 a.m. I know she is awesome! As I lay in bed (I was awake just not out of bed yet) I think of my closest friends and how they are there for me. Always. I think of the days where I struggle and I know that they are praying for me. I think of the days where I pray for them because they are struggling. When they hurt I hurt. They mourn I mourn. They rejoice I rejoice. One friend I have known for a few years, the other almost two years, and the other a couple months. I thank God for them daily. Friends are about quality not quantity.

I think of my two children. Oh what blessings they truly are. Lately, I wonder if I am doing something wrong, until He reveals to me their hearts. I truly am blessed with my children and so thankful He created them just for my husband and me.

The enemy can continue to whisper in my ears, try and get a foothold on me, but I beg to differ. My eyes are fixed on Him and all the blessings He blesses me with.

Today I am thankful for the people in my life…
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  1. God is so good!!!

    Semper Wifey



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