13 August 2013

School Comes First

The last two years our family has faced many obstacles and many of those obstacles have played an affect in our homeschooling. Back in August 2012 we began school and two weeks later the hubby arrived home from Afghanistan with non-combative injures that required many doctor appointments. Along with doctor appointments he required a lot of attention. Then, fast forward to January 2012 where we move from Alaska to Wisconsin.  The 2012-2013 year has definitely been difficult. Sadly, our homeschooling has taken a back seat. We have completed our school years but it was not always the first on the list.

This year God has shown me what needs to be done. What my focus needs to be and how to fix it. I then set out to fix the problems.
The first problem I fixed was the need for a schoolroom. The hubby and I went to our basement moved some furniture around, found two school desks for $5 each, and placed the whiteboard and other posters on the wall.
The next item I worked on was our school schedule. I am trying something new this year. We are trying out a year round, three weeks on, one week off schedule. Once next summer rolls around I may adjust this somewhat.
The most important item I am working on is keeping our schooling first. I am learning to say no to invites or scheduling appointments later in the day. School comes first. How can I expect my two blessings to be excited for school or want to complete their work when I do not model the importance of school? That includes when I am completing my own school.
Yesterday was our first day of school. Overall it went very well. Of course there are a few items that need tweaking but it will all come together soon. I know this because we have God as the center of our homeschool.
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  1. I just love your school area!

    1. Thank you! I cannot wait to add more things on the wall. I am looking for a couple more posters and then I will add work that the blessings have done throughout the year.



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