15 August 2013

I Trust Him

Last night I led a women’s class because our usual leader was out of town. I was so nervous. I am not a person who enjoys sitting in front of others leading a class. Well, unless it is my own two blessings during our homeschool. That is different.  I had no clue on what I was going to talk about. I figured I would just allow the Holy Spirit to lead. I thought I would just go in there and we would all just talk about what was going on in our lives.

That is easy. I mean I have a room full of women. How could we not have something to talk about?

God had other plans.

On my way to church I felt led to speak on trust. Trusting in Him. Trusting that no matter what we are faced with each day we trust Him. I cannot tell you how many times I have been faced with trusting Him, or staying in my comfort zone and missing the blessing He had planned for me.

Our situation is a perfect example for trusting in Him. We are down to one paycheck from the military. On top of that we will not be paid on our usual payday. I began to feel the anxiety and panic to set in. My heart is beating at a rapid pace. I began telling myself “of course we won’t be paid on time, like this should surprise me?!” Then I hear a soft whisper within my heart, “Daughter, do you trust me?”

I ask myself if I do trust Him. I reminisce over this past year and all He had done for me. The strength He gave me to fight the battle we were facing. I tell myself, “what makes this any different?”

“Daughter, trust me, I have big plans for you.”

I decide at that moment no matter what is to come I trust Him. He has not failed me yet, so why worry now?

I walked into church praising Him and giving my whole trust to Him. Within minutes of being in church hubby is told to expect a phone call soon.

I go to bed last night thanking Him for all He has done for me.

This afternoon hubby receives phone call for a job interview tomorrow.

Coincidence? I think not!

God knows my heart. God knows that my trust is in Him. Will hubby be hired for this job? Only He knows. What I do know is God is working behind the scene and has great plans for us.

So we wait to see His work…..
Moms Mustard Seeds

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  1. Beautiful. I had a similar conversation with our Father a few days ago when it seemed that everything was going wrong. Everything was something out of my control and power.... and yet - He whispered that He was in control and it would all work out for His good. Thank you for this post and for linking up!



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