07 July 2012

Somewhat of an Update

Oh my goodness! We have just survived a huge heat wave that came through Wisconsin. We were having temperatures reaching 99 degrees and heat indexes of 103-115 depending on the area. Of course I had to turn on our air conditioning and each day all I saw was dollar signs. I was going crazy wondering how much money are next bill was going to be. Today I was grateful to wake up to 20 degrees cooler. I never thought I would be excited to embrace 80 degree temps. We have overcast skies and nice breeze rolling through. First thing I did this morning was turn off the air! Then I opened all the windows. Time to lower the electric bill!

After my niece and nephew left, we took our two blessings to Wisconsin Dells. The Dells has different water parks and amusement parks, along with other things such as shopping. We spent the weekend enjoying family time and celebrating little man's birthday. This year was extra special because dad was home.  Last year dad was deployed. We had a wonderful time even though the temps were in the 100's. 

This past week I did some much needed shopping and I am pretty excited about my deals and the money I saved. Also, I have a good stockpile going and I cannot wait to add more to it. We also have been trying to relax and get some things done around our home. Come next week we get back to our daily routines. School. Cleaning. Hubby goes back to work. Menu planning and everything in between. I am looking forward to getting back into routine, but I will miss having hubby home.

Now I am off to play some games with the family. May you all have a bless weekend!

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