26 June 2012


Yesterday I took my two blessings, my niece, and my nephew to the local lake. We stayed for three and a half hours. Thank goodness for 70SPF sunscreen! We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and the kids made many memories. As I sat on the beach watching the kids play in the water all I could do was rejoice. Rejoice in the moment that God had given me. Quiet time enjoying the moment. I was not busy trying to get laundry done, or cleaning toilets, or writing out lesson plans. I was able to sit, relax, and watch the kids playing. I was not worried about what I needed to do at home or what was for dinner. I was able to be IN the moment.

I played Frisbee with the kids and watch them bury each other while I took pictures. We all had a great time yesterday. I was so grateful for this time together. My family has missed out on these types of moments because we have not lived close enough to family in the last ten years. All I could do yesterday was rejoice. Rejoicing for the opportunity that God gave us.

Time with family.

Creating memories.

My heart was and is grateful. Last night before bed I was so cranky because I was so tired (sorry hubby!).  Although I was cranky my heart was rejoicing. I was thanking Him for the moment He blessed us with yesterday.

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