09 July 2012

Menu Monday 9 July-15 July

The menu plan for this week I did differently. Usually I plan my menu plan and then I go shopping. However, this week I did my grocery shopping first and then planned my menus. Many people talk about how menu planning saves money, and that is absolutely true.  When you set a plan in place you are less likely to fail. Lately, I have read that when you menu plan that you should try planning your menus around the sales that the stores are offering. So that is what I did. Not everything on the menu was from sales because I already had most of the items in stock. I did however, pick up some items that were on sale to use for future menus. I do have to say, I love having a stockpile!

Monday~ homemade waffles
                 grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches with strawberries
                 spaghetti pie, garlic bread, and broccoli with cheese

Tuesday~ cereal
                 leftover spaghetti pie with grapes
                 hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill with pasta

Wednesday~ smoothies
                       sandwiches and yogurt

Thursday~ pancakes
                   chicken nuggets with yogurt
                   dinner at friends

Friday~ cereal
               sandwiches and pickles
               leftover enchiladas

Saturday~ cinnamon rolls

Sunday~ eggs and bacon
                fettuccine alfredo

For more menu ideas jump over to Org Junkie.

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