04 January 2011

Adjustments Have Been Made

The whole month of December there was little school going on in our home, if any.  Of course this was unintentional.  We usually take the week prior to CHRISTmas off and return to school when most public schools return.  However, not this year and over our break I was very upset with myself.  My children, my blessings, rely on me for their schooling.  Their education is in my hands.  So over the course of our break I got down to business. 
I like to plan weekly because that works really well for me.  I wrote down everything that needed to be done and spread it out through the course of the week.  I then printed and copied any sheets that needed to be done for the week.  I gathered the art supplies that were needed for our projects and set those aside.  Any items that I needed prior to the school week I went out to get (of course living in Fairbanks this is not easy, I had to go to three different stores).

I was overall happy with my planning for the week.  However, I still was not overjoyed with excitement.  While looking at our plans and the upcoming activities I knew that we needed more hours in the day.  I decided to go online and print off a weekly calendar that listed the hours in the day (more to follow on this tomorrow).  I then proceeded with filling in a timetable for our week.  I decided that we HAD to wake early in the morning; no more sleeping late for us.  I then decided that the two blessings needed to get back into their chores.  I then printed off a chore chart and filled that in.  After completing these tasks I was then overjoyed with excitement.  The blessings on the other hand, well, they will get use to it.

Monday morning arrived very early for me, 5am, but I was ready for the day.  I woke up the two blessings at 0730 and they proceeded with chores and breakfast.  At 0830 they had finished all that was to be done so I allowed 30 minutes of television.  By 0900 we were sitting at the table ready to begin our school. 

I am happy to report that Monday went great and everything that needed to be complete was complete.  Tuesday, well, I can say we started school at 0915 and our chores were completed after school.  We did sleep in until 0830 but like my daughter said "I really needed that extra sleep mom." No argument for me.  Today was a little longer with our school due to an unexpected trip to the doctor for my son, that took over three hours (he is fine), but all of our school that needed to be complete was complete. 

Two days into our new schedule and I am loving it.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Or should I say I hope I awake at 0530 as scheduled.


  1. Just found your blog from the Tucker's Hip Homeschool Hop, so I have not read everything...
    But after growing up in the Army and then serving myself I feel for your family.
    Will pray for you - and that your school gets back into a good routine!!


  2. Well, on those days that you are behind schedule, don't be hard so on yourself. Just remember that everything in life counts as a learning experience. I read a post from a woman during Christmas "break" who was praising the day because her children were "off for the holidays." Then you see pictures of the girls in the kitchen measuring (doing math), mixing (doing science), and decorating what they'd baked (art and life skills). Just sayin'.

  3. thanks so much for linking up yesterday with the Military Monday Blog Hop!! i've loved reading about your family so far... i look forward to more!


  4. Thanks for sharing your new sense of 'normal' :) We are trying to get back into more of a routine with school and life in general since moving and it is tough! I'm so glad God gives a fresh start daily.

  5. sounds like your schedule is off to a good start! It seems like the sudden unplanned interruptions are a common happening, life gets in the way, sometimes. :)



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