06 January 2011

Our Two Lifesavers for School

I am a huge list maker and I strive on schedules.  I may not follow the schedule to a "T" but I love having them around because I feel more organized throughout the day.  Here is a new schedule that I set up for our school day.  I have made minor adjustments to it such as waking the blessings up at 0730 instead of 0700.  Having the schedule hang on the fridge is a great visual for the blessings to see what their day will hold.  As stated previously, I may not follow it to a "T" but it really helps me to prepare for the week and the next day.  

Another visual that I have set up in the schoolroom was a dry erase board, that I use I write the assignments that need to be done for the day.  I have noticed the blessings really enjoy the dry erase board because they are able to see what needs to be done.  Prior to the board I would tell them what needs to be done but with the board they can see what is expected of them and when each assignment is complete they can erase that assignment off the board.  I love watching their faces as they erase another accomplishment off the board.

I am very happy to have these visuals for our day.  It is a great way for the blessings to see what they need to do each day and also what their day will entail.  These two items have cut down on the questions "Mom, what do I need to do next" "Mom, what are we doing today?"

What are some items that you use for your school day or household that help you stay organized? 

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  1. Great post! I'm with you...I love organization! And any list or visual that helps me stay on track is an awesome thing! I love it! Glad you linked up. I'm linked up HERE.


  2. love my dry erase board!! I accidentally wrote in perm. marker once - ran right to the store to buy another one!!

    thanks for linking up today!

  3. I am a schedule follower as well. Trying to teach the boys to be one is a different story. :)




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