07 June 2010

Where are the Menus

Tonight I was going through some of my older posts looking for a certain post to send to a friend of mine.  While searching I came across this post and started chuckling to myself.  The reason? Well, I have been thinking to myself if anyone noticed I have not been posting menus.  Also, I have not followed a menu for about a month or so now.  It is not because I have been lazy and just do not care anymore.  It is because summer is here and we spend so much time outside that I never want to go inside to cook.  How terrible is that?  So I admit our meals have not been so great but I am trying to get back on track.  The weather lately has been raining and I have been making some good dinners but I have a feeling that once the weather turns nice again I will again stop making menus. 

Instead of falling back into that bad habit I have decided that this next week I am going to stock up on my meals.  Our schedule for the next two weeks is not as busy so I have time to do some cooking.  I plan on making some waffles, pancakes, brown some turkey meat, cut up some chicken breast for nuggets, and maybe some baked goods.  This way I have no excuse not to make dinner while the weather is nice. 

What about you? Do you follow menus during the summer? If so do you have any tips to help keep me on track?

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