08 June 2010

My Fellow Bloggers

On June 29th will be my six month mark of blogging.  I was just at lunch with another blogger who is now an IRL (in real life) friend, Danelle Ice and she mentioned that she thought it had been longer; which I agree.  It seems like I have been doing this for at a least a year.  Well, during the six months I have learned so much and I will cover all that July 1st when I do a blogging updateWhen I first started in late December I was not sure what I was doing and sometimes I still don't.  However, I am so grateful for other bloggers.  So many bloggers have stepped up to help me and have answered my questions, and I mean I had questions.  They kept helping me until the problem was resolved and they did not give up.  Because of them I have been able to become a better blogger from behind the scenes.  Trust me I still have much to learn but that the fact that so many people have came forward to help me is such a blessing.  One last thing, I have "met" so many bloggers that I pray one day we can meet in real life; many friendships are being built.  I am truly blessed!

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