27 May 2010

The Land of the Midnight Sun

I believe Alaska has reached the 24 hour mark of sunlight but I cannot honestly say because I sleep through much of it but I truly now understand the meaning of "The Land of the Midnight Sun".  I mean I do know the meaning of the saying but actually seeing the "Midnight Sun" is something one cannot put into words. 

Our power went out last night for a few hours and when it turned back on it was 1am and of course I woke up.  As I was walking around the house and turning off lights, and shutting blinds, I came across a picture perfect meaning of "Midnight Sun".  I was in my son's room shutting his blinds and curtains and was immediately in awe of the sight God had put in front of me. 

I am just happy that I remembered to carry my phone with me and was able to capture this shot.  Since being here in Alaska I am truly amazed by God's beauty.  His beauty truly surrounds all of us no matter where we are on this earth; sometimes the Heavenly Father shows us things that make us stop and realize what He has created for us, His children.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is beautiful. My Husband will actually be visiting Alaska in June and will be able to witness this himself. He will be at Elmendorf A.F.B. in Anchorage for about 2 weeks. He is very excited. Thanks for the beautiful picture!



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