27 May 2010

Memorial Day; A Day of Remembrance

Tomorrow is the official start to the Memorial Weekend for the military.  Many military members will have a four day weekend and that will start tomorrow and continue to Monday.  Many of those military members are excited for the four day considering most have not had a four day weekend or day off (other than a weekend) since Easter.  Many of the military members will have BBQ's or attend BBQ's and have a celebration but they also know the true meaning of this holiday.

Many people look at this weekend as a great way to start the summer.  I also look at this weekend as a start to the summer but I do not forget the meaning.  Do many people take the time to observe the weekend for what it is really about?  For a day of remembrance, remembering our fallen Soldiers; those whom have gone before us and never made it home.  My family and I do partake in the BBQ's and the celebrations but we also teach our children the true meaning of Memorial Day.

So as you partake in your celebrations please take a moment to remember those that have fallen, and have a safe weekend.  I will be posting for Frugal Friday and then will be taking the weekend off to spend with family.  I will be back posting Tuesday for Gratituesday.


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