28 May 2010

Loving My Laundry Soap

In January I made my first ever batch of homemade laundry soap and I do have to admit I wish I would have done it sooner.  It has been almost five months and I am still on my first batch.  I think by the time the end of June comes around I will have to make another batch. 

Since making my own laundry soap I love walking into the Commissary and looking at the products and thinking "it is so nice not having to pay those amounts".  I probably have saved about $100 since January in just laundry soap and fabric softener (I use vinegar).  I figured about $20 a month I was spending in laundry soap and then fabric softener was about every other month.  That is a whole lot of money to be saving and using towards debt or savings. 

Next time I need to make a batch it will cost me less than $6 to make.  I already have the items I just need to buy the bar soap which is about $3 and I am debating on adding an essential oil which could cost about $3.  I would rather pay $6 every five months than pay $100 how about you???

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