26 May 2010

Family Time

Lately, it has been nothing but go, go, go at our house and when it gets like that I decide it is time to drop everything and spend time together.  Between the packing of the house, homeschooling, working and our extracurricular activities things can get really crazy.  I do not want us to lose sight of the most important thing and that is our family time.  Time is very precious around here especially with hubby deploying next year.  I do not want the two blessings too feel that we were to busy to spend time together.  There are days where I REALLY need to clean the house but choose not to because I would rather sit outside with my neighbor and watch our children play together.  Sometimes we just have to say no to people or activities to spend time with those we love.  These memories were just created this past weekend and we have plans to make more this coming week.

***enjoying a bike ride***
***Our daughter was tired of riding her bike on the our walk so hubby took over***
***A moment of playing with Barbies***
***Our son had to salute, and hubby needed to be reminded he could smile ;) ***
***Army Father/Daughter dance***

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