09 May 2010

Happy Mommy's Day!!!!

First, I would like to say "HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY" to all of you mommy's out there!!!! I pray that you are having such a bless day and are able to relax before your job starts again on Monday. 

Second, to my mommy, I want to say that I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! I am sad that we cannot spend Mother's Day together but one day we will.  You mean the world to me, and I thank God everyday for our relationship.  Through the years we had some very, very hard times, but because of God, He has brought us to where we are today.  We truly have a testimony for many mothers and daughters out there and hopefully one day we can share that together.  Also, I want to say thank you for putting up with me during the years.  I can truly understand what you must have gone through, now that I have my own daughter.  Lord bless you for that!  I am sorry that I cannot be there to take you to lunch or a stroll on the beach or give you a hug, or even sit and laugh at Papa, but know that I am there with you and I love you!  I miss you each and every day and again I thank God that He gave us our time together that we had once lost. 


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  1. I love my daughter and son more than anything in this world. When they were both born they gave me life. I know other parents feel the same way. We have had our differences as they were and as I was growing up. But what really matters is that WE ARE FAMILY AND THAT BOND CAN NEVER BE BROKEN!!!



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