11 May 2010

Need Some Friendly Advice

Here is my situation:

My five year old son is due for his teeth cleaning and to be honest I am dreading having to make the appointment.  He has a really hard time going to the dentist and having to do what he needs to do.  My son is very particular about taste and texture.  For example, ever since my son was an infant and started eating regular food, he never liked cheese, eggs, or even noodles. So that means no macaroni and cheese, no spaghetti, no eggs, and anything else containing those products.  To this day he still does not like cheese, eggs and there are some pasta dishes he will eat, but very few.  So you can imagine the fight he puts up with when it is time for the fluoride and toothpaste.  Basically, the whole appointment is a fight for him, me, the nurse and the dentist.

I have brought his own toothpaste from home, tried telling him about the "sugar bugs" that eat his teeth, and anything else I can bribe do to help him.  But nothing works!  My son will tell you that he wants to go to the dentist to get his teeth clean and he is a little nervous on our way to the office.  When we arrive to the office he is still doing well, and even when the nurse calls him back he is a trooper.  It is then when he has to sit in the chair and asked to open his mouth when he loses it.  I sit in the chair with him, and we visit a pediatric dentist so the room is very inviting, and have many different fun things for the child.  My son wants nothing to do with any of it. 

Since we just moved here to Fairbanks, I have yet to inquire about a dentist but it is now time.  I have to get on the ball and schedule the appointment.  The hard part is going to find a pediatric dentist and explain my son's situation and pray that the dentist has patience with my son. 

Any friendly advice?????

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  1. I have two thoughts depending on whether you think your son honestly has the option to control his fear--if, he is having a full out anxiety attack at the point he falls apart, then as a mom of two sons with anxiety issues, I would recommend working with a dentist who is willing to use medication, maybe nitrous oxide, or something that will let him relax. If anxiety is a problem in other areas of life, addressing it can be very helpful as well.

    If you believe that he does have the power to control his reaction, then (this has worked with my children) I'd recommend stating that "This has to be done and I know it is difficult for you--how can we make it better." I have gone so far as to promise a slushy drink for enduring an unpleasant experience, with the size of the drink dependent on the level of cooperation. (He did earn the larger drink, and once he was cooperating, did really well.)
    Hope that helps. With our complex kids, we have had a lot of similar challenges. Let me know if I can help. kerrydi@pacbell.net



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