14 May 2010

Household Update

It has been very busy here in my household, as I am sure it has for all of you.  The weather is starting to be very enjoyable here, but we have not had a chance to really step back and enjoy it.  I was planning on starting my flower bed but we just found out on Wednesday that we are eligible to move into another house on post.  I am so glad I never started the flower bed because I would be crying right now.  Since my hubby was promoted we are able to move into another house for his rank.  We are very excited about that and cannot wait to see what God will bless us with.  The downside is that we have to move ourselves.  I admit we are spoiled because we are use to movers coming into our home and packing us up and moving us.  Well, I do not want to get caught off guard so I officially started packing last night.  I am proud to say that my living room is packed, the master bath is packed, and most of our schoolroom.  Remember when it looked like this:

Well, it now looks like this but minus the curtain and the decor.  I took everything off the walls except that heavy flag sign.  The shelf is still there because we are still having school and that is where we keep our books.

I feel like I have done a lot in just the last 24 hours.  I plan on working on the children's room this afternoon, only because they keep asking me if I can pack their room.  I have to chuckle because at first my daughter was very upset about moving.  Even when hubby and I explained that we are just moving houses not moving out of state, she was still upset.  We see her point that she finally made friends at the local park and now she has to leave, but we explained that we can still stay in contact with her new friends.  I think now she is starting to like the idea, and of course my son is a typical boy and is just going with the flow.  We have not learned of our new move in date so we are basically waiting for the phone call letting us know.  I will be prepared!

We are busy with our extra-curricular activities.  Hubby is son's Tball coach, and hubby also plays softball for his unit.  So, Monday thru Thursday is Tball/softball.  Tuesday, and Friday is Tae Kwon Do.  On top of that I am a member of my husband's FRG (Family Readiness Group), which is for the families.  I am a volunteer for the phone tree, co-treasurer, and I also participate in the other groups available to our families.  We are very busy, but the best part is, we do it all together!

Next month, around mid-month, I have some HUGE news to share with all of you so please make sure to stop by.  I will be posting on The Forever Neighbor Facebook page a few days in advance of the post.  I do ask that you keep us in prayer.  We are very excited about this, and cannot wait to share!

One last thing tomorrow is our post-wide yard sale.  My family is so excited about this and while driving around post we can see so many people setting up for the event and I am getting anxious.  Ohhh and our Commissary is having a case lot sale this weekend.  I will be stopping by there also to pick up some items.  I will be taking photos of our purchases this weekend!

I pray you all have a bless weekend!

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  1. Sounds to me like that "huge news" might be an addition to the family ;)



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