08 April 2010


***I know I use this picture a lot, it is all I have of my hubby in some what of a uniform ;)***

Remember in early March I mentioned that my hubby was up for promotion?????


We are truly blessed!!!

My dear hubby has worked so hard for this promotion and it has been five years in waiting.  My hubby has not stopped smiling since he found out, and I do not blame him because I have not either ;)

For my readers who do not understand  Army ranks, please let me explain or try to explain:

When a Soldier is an E-1 to E-4 you are promoted (your unit does the promoting) by mainly your Time in Grade (time in your current rank) and/or Time in Service (time in the military).  To be promoted to E-5 (Sergeant) you have to appear in front of a promotion board  that consists of much higher ranking personnel (from your unit or area), and also you have to have the points (each job has a certain amount of points a Soldier has to reach in order to be promoted which consist of many different things).  If you are chosen you then have to complete an E-5 school in order to make E-6 (Staff Sergeant, same standards apply for E-6 as for E-5). 

However, for E-7 and higher (highest for enlisted Soldiers is E-9) you have to prepare a packet that consists of your evalutation reports, a military photo of you, deployments, awards, civilian and military schooling, and much more.  This packet is then sent to DA or The Department of the Army.  Where selected higher ranking personnel will review your packet and determine if you should receive E-7 (Sergeant First Class) or not.  If you are selected for the E-7 then you are given a sequence number.  This number is what place you were ranked out of all your fellow soldiers that were up for this board (you would like a low number).  This board lasts for an entire month, which is February, and the results are not put out until around this time.  Now just because you are on the list, and receive your number does not mean you get to wear your rank.  That is where the number comes in.  It is just like pulling a number at the deli at a grocery store, you have to wait for your number to come up (that is why you want a low number).  Now it can depend on how many people they (the Army) wants to promote, and it is usually a monthly thing.  So lets say you are given number 65, it can be hard to figure out when you will be selected.  Because they may only select five in the first month, 10 the next month, zero the following month, and then 30 the next.  It is very hard to know when you will be promoted. 

This promotion is also HUGE in regards to a pay increase, and also my hubby will be hitting his 20 year mark on June 1st which will also be another raise. 

We have truly been blessed by God and all the honor and glory go to Him!!!

Oh, would you like to know what my hubby's number was on the list????

17 OUT OF 260!!!!!!
We are praying that he will be wearing his new rank in the next couple of months.



  1. Kudos to Jerry! I know it is alot of work and I am so pleased to here how God is working in your lives. What a testimony! Proud of him and you all. AND WOW!! 17!!!:) PTL Hugs all around, Veronica

  2. Congratulations to your hard-working husband - and to you as well! What a blessing!

  3. WOW! Congrats fellow Army wife!

  4. YAY!!! Congratulations to you both! I hope his number comes up quickly, 17 is a pretty good place!



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