17 May 2010

Post Wide Yard Sale Finds

Please note that these pictures were taken in our garage.  I did not want to carry everything inside, so I decided to lay it all out, and then pack it all.  In regards to packing I am happy to say that my entire main floor is pretty much packed.  The only things left are the things we need, and I plan on working on our upstairs this week. 
Now here is a low down of what we purchased:

3 pair of shorts and a shirt for my son ($2 but ended up getting it for free)
a brand new bike (priced for $35 but hubby haggled and got it for $25 along with the clothing)
2 decor trees (priced for $5 each but again hubby haggled and was able to get both of them for $5)
2 picture frames ($1.50)
"Live, Laugh, Love" picture frame ($1)
Power Ranger costume with accessories for son ($1)
decor plate ($3)
Kids pegboard ($1)
Americana with star candle holder ($5 included napkins &accessories and daughters books)
4 placemats with napkins and leaf shape napkin holders
solid wood with wicker basket drawer ($5)
2 red pillows ($1)
5books for daughter (only 3 pictured)
4 puzzles for school (Social Studies) ($3)
Visual aid for fractions (school) ($2)
desk for my daughter ($5)
Beads to make jewelry for daughter (50 cents) (not pictured)

Spending Limit:

We were so happy with everything we bought.  I think my son is the most because on Sunday morning he came into my room fully dressed at 0545 asking to ride his new bike.  I, however, pulled him in bed with us and he went right back to sleep until 0845.  He woke up asking to ride his bike.  I am taking it that the bike was a great purchase.


  1. Some impressive finds!! Glad the bike was a big hit!

  2. You did great! I am so glad yard sale season is back! Have a great week!!



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