30 April 2010

Saving for Christmas

Remember when I wrote about Swagbucks?  If you missed that post you may click here.Well, since that post I have earned $20 more in Amazon gift cards!!!!  So far I am up to $35 for Christmas and I am not stopping now.  I am so happy that I started using Swagbucks because I do not know about you but sometimes Christmas sneaks up on me.  I mean I know Christmas is the same time every year but I always say "oh I have a couple of more months, I will be fine" and then next thing I know I am rushing to get last minute gifts.  In our household we know the true meaning of Christmas and I guess that is why I always wait to the last minute.  However, I then purchase out of convenience and because of that I pass up great deals throughout the year. 

Not this year!  This year I am searching Swagbucks to earn Swagbucks to pay for Christmas.  My goal is to have $100 in Amazon gift cards by December 1st.  I am actually hoping for more but wanted to set some kind of goal to aim for.  The best part of all of this is that I earned these gift cards by using the Swagbuck search engine.  Ohhhhh how I love being frugal!

For more Frugal Friday tips jump on over to Life As Mom.

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  1. Just popping by from Life as MOM's post...I found Swagbucks last year and cashed in pretty quickly for a Starbuck's gift card. This year I'm saving for Amazon and hoping to do a lot more Christmas shopping for "free" with my Swagbucks gift cards and my Target instant rebate gift cards. It's so easy to use Swagbucks, I'm not sure why people resist using it! Seems silly to me anyway! :-) Happy Friday!



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