12 March 2010


One may be thinking "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE SWAGBUCKS???"

Some people may know about Swagbucks either through other bloggers, Facebook, or just word of mouth.  I found out about Swagbucks from other bloggers, and heard how they were using Swagbucks to get birthday presents and/or Christmas presents for FREE.  That is right, for FREE!!!

Swagbucks is like Google but when you search you can win a Swagbuck or more than one.  You are able to redeem your Swagbucks for prizes, and there are a lot of prizes to choose from.  For example, I redeem my Swagbucks when I have enough for a $5 Amazon gift card.  You are able to redeem higher gift cards but when one does the math it is more frugal to buy the $5 card. 

There are so many ways to win then by just searching.  Some ways to win a Swagbuck is to download their toolbar.  I have downloaded the toolbar and at random I will earn a one to three Swagbucks for just having the toolbar.  Also, today I had a message on my toolbar and it was from the TSG (The Swag Guy).  When I opened the message there was a code for me to enter on the homepage, and I won 22 Swagbucks!!!  One can receive Swagbucks by referring friends.  Also, one can receive codes from being a fan on Facebook, and also they post codes on Twitter. 

Are you interested yet?

Codes, you ask? Well, the TSG will leave a "code" on either Facebook or Twitter and there is a time limit to redeem the Swagbuck.  Once you have the "code", you will need to go to the Swagbuck page and enter the code.  Then you will receive whatever the amount of the "code".

Another thing is, right now Swagbuck is offering 13 Swagbucks for uploading a picture for your account.  You have until April 1st to get it in, then in the first week of April you will receive your 13 Swagbucks!!!  It only takes about a minute if that to upload your photo.

Still interested????

 The best part is sign up is for FREE!!! If you sign up right now you will be given 30 Swagbucks, to start off with!!!

Swagbucks is a big thing at our house.  When the hubby receives a Swagbuck for searching, he will say "I just got you some more Swagbucks."  I plan on using my Amazon gift cards for Christmas this year, and to be really frugal about it Amazon offers free shipping!! So I could possibly get all my Christmas presents for FREE!!! I am not complaining about that!!!


Good, you can sign up for Swagbucks by clicking on any of the blue links.  Good luck and have fun!

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  1. I didn't know about this...but I signed up for it!



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