11 March 2010

Fred Meyers Reward Points

Today I was running very low on gasoline and I was about to pull over at a gas station that was on my way home.  However, when I was about to turn in the parking lot I noticed the price was $3.41/gallon and I was not going to pay for convenience!!  I then decided that I would push it to the next gas station.  By then I was already in town and remembered what a friend of mine told me about the Fred Meyers Reward Points Program.  With each dollar you spend at Fred Meyer, you receive one reward point that can be used towards gasoline.  One has an opportunity to receive a dollar off per gallon of gas in one transaction!!!

Gas at Fred's was $3.35/gallon, and I was able to get it for $3.15/gallon!!!  It was 20 cents off but I did get $2.60 off my total purchase, not bad considering most places around here is charging $3.35 or more for gasoline. 

From now on I will be checking the sales ad for Fred's and will be using the Reward Points as much as I can!

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