14 March 2010

"Trip Across The Nation" Part 1

We were reaching our three year mark of being stationed in Maryland, and we had a decision to make.  We were debating on not trying to get an assignment and see if we could just stay in Maryland.  We had some awesome friends, we loved our house, and we were about a day drive from grandparents.  After much debate we decided just to see what kind of assignments were available.  We did not want to take a chance of staying there in Maryland over our time and then the hubby receive orders for some place like Korea (where family does not go, and it is a year assignment).  We were trying to go back overseas to Europe.  There was one assignment available and when the hubby requested the post, we were denied due to my hubby not being in a deployable unit.  In other words, our next assignment was going to be one where my hubby would be deploying.  Something our two blessings have not dealt with, in regards to dad.

I was out with my forever neighbor doing some thrift store shopping when my hubby called and told me that we did not get our overseas assignment but he did get us a different assignment.  This is how our conversation looked like:

Hubby: "I called the branch manager and she told me that we did not get our overseas assignment that we were looking out." "But I did get us another assignment."

Me: "okaaaaaay" "where are we going?"

My forever neighbor: (in the background saying) "noooo you can't leave"

Hubby: "Alaska"

Me: "ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!" (that was a good thing) "Which post are we going to?

Hubby: "I am not sure, she told me that there are two available slots, Richardson and Wainwright.  I told her to put us in either one."

Me: "Okay, which one did she put us in?"

Hubby: "I am going to call her back and let you know." "But it is hard to get a hold of them, so we may not find out today, and we may have to wait until it post to EDAS (just a website where they post your assignment.)

Me: "Okay just let me know when you hear?"

I then get off the phone and I cannot believe that we are finally going to Alaska.  We had tried going there in 2003 but there were no available assignments, so we went to England instead.  My forever neighbor kept saying, "no, you can't leave". 

Now when I had gotten off the phone with my hubby, my neighbor and I were just getting out of the car and walking into the Salvation Army, and that is when the hubby called.

Hubby: "Babe, I got a hold of her, which I was shocked because it is so hard" "Anyways, she said that she put us at Fort Wainwright." "Also, I looked in EDAS and it is already in the system." (It usually takes a couple of weeks to show up in the system.)

Me: "Okay, I guess we are going to Alaska" "Where is Wainwright?" "Anchorage or Fairbanks?"

Hubby: "I am not sure, hang on, let me check...."

My forever neighbor: "no you can't leave"

Hubby: "Fairbanks" "Oh, and my report date is October 10th."

Me:  "Okay, I will check housing and everything when I get home." "October?" "That means we have six months before we move." "Okay, we will be fine."

My forever neighbor: "we can go to my house and check.....you can't leave"

So, my forever neighbor and I then went to her house, and jumped on the website for housing and to check out the post.  That is what us military wives do.  It is very important to us to know how big the Commissary is, the PX, the schools, and of course what housing looks like. 

After about an hour of looking I had to go get the blessings from school.  I decided that I would pick them up a little early so I could tell them the news.  I would so excited, and I couldn't wait to see what God had in store for us.

I picked up the blessings, and immediately told them that dad was able to get a new assignment today.  Little man asked "what is a new assignment?" My daughter then went on to answer him and told him that we are moving.  They both asked "where are we going?"

I said "Alaska"

They both said at the same time....


To be continued.......

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