14 March 2010

Menu Monday March 15th-19th

Well, we are back to our busy schedule next week.  I have to be honest, I really enjoyed last week.  We had a few activities but were not "on the go" all week either.  So, this week our menu is going to be easy and simple.

Monday~ french toast
                 homemade chicken nuggets (recipe to follow this week)
                 chicken fettuccine alfredo (recipe to follow this week)
Tuesday~ homemade bagels
                 macaroni and cheese with hot dogs
Wednesday~ eggs and cereal
                      dinner at friends (we get to meet their new blessing God has blessed them with!)
Thursday~ pancakes
                   chicken fried rice
Friday~ snicker doodle coffee cake
              grilled turkey and cheese
              roast with lipton potatoes and rice

As you can see you can tell what days are our busy days ;) 

For more menu ideas jump on over to Org Junkie.

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