02 April 2010

Importance of Menus

When the hubby and I fell off track with our finances just recently, one thing I noticed was we were wasting money by not following our menu.  Each week I would prepare a menu with every intentions of following it.  However, for some other reasons we would either eat something different or go out to eat.  Which in turn caused me to throw some of my produce out that was purchased for those meals that we did not partake in.  If I purchased some green peppers, tomatoes, green onions, potatoes, and the items cost, just say $5, then I just threw away $5.  It is almost like throwing a real $5 bill away in the garbage.  I do not know about you but I want that $5 bill! 

Now that the hubby and I have sat down and re-figured our mistakes, we are back on track.  Last Sunday we decided that we would grocery shop for the entire month of April.  Before we left I decided on the items that we would need to supply enough meals for that month.  I then came home and made a menu for the week.  This week went pretty good.  I have followed it except for two meals, which for our today dinner meal we are grilling steaks for a celebration (more details on that next week). 

I have noticed that we saved some money in the last couple of weeks by using our menus.  On top of that we have a good stockpile, and should only need to be purchasing dairy and some fresh produce.  I feel so much better when I follow my menus; I feel so organized ;)

Do you menu plan? How do you menu plan? Do you do a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly plan?


  1. I totally agree with this! I always regret those weeks when I'm unmotivated (aka too lazy!) to plan my menu for the week and attempt to just wing it. I much prefer knowing what I'm going to make for supper each night ahead of time. It also allows me to get any necessary prep work done ahead of time, which means a less frantic evening and a better chance of eating supper on time.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. I have been menu planning for a couple of years now and it helps so much! Some days when I come home from work it is nice to know I can just look at my menu and know what we are having for dinner. Many days I get the meat or other ingredients out before I leave for school.

    Since I am paid once a month I buy the majority of our groceries at one time. I have to buy milk and produce every weekend, but that's usually it.

    Have a great weekend!



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