27 September 2011

Kindness of a Stranger

Yesterday the hubby and I had to travel to Anchorage for a day trip.  The hubby had a doctor appointment at the Air Force base, and we had to fly down very early in the morning.  Sunday evening as I was preparing for our trip I went online to check us in on the flight.  When I went to the website to check us in, the message said that I could not and we had to see an agent.  So I assumed that because we did not purchase the tickets (the Army did) that I had to go to the front desk to receive our boarding passes. 

Monday morning greets us and we head to the airport.  We approach the front desk and the lady prints our passes off.  Exactly what I thought or so I thought.  The hubby and I head to the security gate, go through security, and head to our gate.  As we are preparing to board our names are announced over the loud speaker asking us to see the agent at the desk.  We head over to the desk and was told there was a problem with our tickets.  After a few phone calls the very nice lady allowed us to travel and said that she did not want my husband missing his doctor appointment. 

She did not have to allow us to go.  She could of refused us to travel and then we would have to wait until the problems was resolved, which was not resolved until about 1000 and his appointment was at 1100.  BUT she did not.  She was kind enough to ALLOW us to go.  I was so grateful for her kindness, and could not stop thanking her. 

I know God played a part in this situation and He saw us through. 

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  1. Sounds like an angel in disguise! Hope the appt went well.

  2. I love moments when I know God's hand is right there with me. loved your post! visiting from ifellowship!



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