12 September 2013

Parenting Is So Hard

“MOOOOM, he won’t stay on his side of the car!”

“I’m not on your side.”

“Yes, you are!”

“No, I’m not!”

“MOOOM, she’s in my seat.”

“MOOOOOOOM, she’s looking at me!”



Parenting, the hardest job. EVER.

When my two blessings were little I would always tell myself, “just wait until they are older, it’ll get easier.” Now that the blessings are older I am thinking, “boy, if they were just young again.” I guess I never thought the older they got the harder it would be. Now I am dealing with more attitudes, more fighting, and the testing of independence.

I feel it all starts as soon as I wake, to the time I go to bed, and even then it continues on. Many days I want to just go in my bed and hide under the covers. Maybe they will not find me. They probably will, if not the kids, then the dogs.

Not only do I have to be the referee in arguments I have to teach them school, manners, life skills, compassion, how to do laundry, dishes, why picking your clothes off the floor is the right thing to do, why it is important brush their teeth, and prepare them for adulthood. Just to name a few.

Oh how easy it would be if there was no resistance or “but why mom?”

Parenting is hard.

Parenting is tiring.

Parenting is rewarding.

At the end of the day, I thank God for the blessings I was given. The two children He has entrusted to me. The blessings that I am guiding into adulthood. The blessing when I hear, ‘mom, I love you.’ The blessing of my 12 year old daughter wanting to hang out with me rather than a friend. The blessing of my little man reaching for my hand to hold.

The hugs.

The smiles.

Watching them grow.

The bonding between siblings.

The love I have for them.
Being their mom.

Parenting is hard but the rewards are so worth it all….



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