08 December 2012

She is 12!

This past Thursday my family celebrated my beautiful daughter's 12th birthday. I still cannot believe she is 12! My baby is growing up too quickly and I am trying to savor every moment we have together because next thing I know she will be going away to college! One thing I do not understand is when I tell my children to stop growing, they do not listen. Why can they not just stop growing and stay young? I mean really? I am not asking for much. :)

For her birthday my princess chose to go to a local pottery shop where you can paint your own item. Here is the birthday girl's bowl that she painted. I cannot wait to see the end result but we have to wait for two weeks because they have to glaze and fire it.

Hubby and lil man working hard on lil man's football dish
The birthday girl and her bestie

Her ice cream from Applebee's for her birthday.

Friday night we went to watch the parade in town. We bundled up like we were still in Alaska!

Today is coupon day! I will be hitting up Target to gather some good deals. Then Sunday is our Sabbath; church then relaxing.

Here is an encouraging word for you:

I pray you all have a weekend full of blessings! See you Monday!

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