17 December 2012

Preparing For My 2013 Goals

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Just right around the corner is the New Year. With the New Year come new goals or resolutions. Lately I have found myself thinking of what I would like to do or what goals I would like to complete during 2013.  A few of my goals deal with my kids' homeschooling, my schooling, homemaking, recipes, losing the chains of debt, my role as a wife, and of course the typical weight-loss. Another goal I have is following through with my goals. I have tendency to never complete this task. Looking back at 2012, I listed many goals and I do not believe I finished many of them or any of them. To accomplish this task I will be breaking down each goal into smaller goals to help me achieve my goal of completing every task by December 31, 2013.

For the next week I will be writing down my goals for 2013 and will share them on TFN next week. Will you consider doing the same? What are you wanting to work on or complete during 2013?  I would love to hear your goals or resolutions.

Blessings my neighbors!

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