17 December 2012

Blessings 411-420

My heart breaks for the families of Newtown, CT. When I heard the news of the poor innocent victims I was moved to tears. On Friday my family and I took the day off from school and did some CHRISTmas shopping for our family. My family and I were in disbelief throughout the day.

Prior to entering the mall we said a pray for those in CT.  Once entering the mall I noticed many people going about their ways. Many people were busily getting their stores in order, helping customers, and stocking shelves. Others were walking in and out of stores looking for that perfect gift. I asked myself "I wonder how these people feel for those in CT?"  The answer: we do not need to know someone directly affected by this horrible event. We are humans. We should all feel the grief these innocent people are feeling. Our hearts should break for all of them. Regardless of our own opinions about gun control or mental health. Our opinions should be set aside and we need to grieve for those families and the victims.  Many will not hear the little feet of the little ones running to their presents CHRISTmas morning. Many will not have their mothers or daughters during this season. 

Many will be suffering.

Many children and teachers are heading back to school and many will be in fear. My heart weighs heavy for the parents, the students, the teachers, and faculty. I am asking that each and every one of us to pray, regardless of your religious beliefs. Our fellow Americans have suffered a great loss; America has suffered a great loss.  We need to stand by them and pray. Lift each other up.

My heart is heavy.

Blessings are still sent to us. God shows us that He is with us.

411.  Homeschooling my blessings

412.  Having my family close

413.  Holding the hands of my little blessings

414.  Hubby and I

415.  Purchase of Dave Ramsey FPU

416.  Watching my daughter in gymnastics

417.  My kids playing "store" and using coupons to prepare them for college

418.  Our medical insurance

419.  The closeness of my son and daughter

420.  Loss relationship of family being repaired

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