30 January 2012

So Many Blessings #241-260

The blessings continue to pour:

241. Our orders changing from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

242. God shedding His grace upon us as He delivered us from the blizzard in the Canadian Rockies.

243. Arriving safely to our destination in Wisconsin.

244. No flat tires or mechanical problems on our cross-country trek.

245. Our new home.

246. Living without our stuff for awhile. It allows no distractions.

247. Our family time.

248. Being closer to family.

249. Our new town...very Mayberry like.

250. Our neighbors. A Christian homeschooling family with a daughter my daughters age.

251. My husband meeting his newest nephew whom is almost two years old.

252. Watching my nephew meet his uncle for the first time.

253. Surprising my nephews with our arrival.

254. Hearing my niece say that she is excited we are finally home.

255. What we thought was a major mechanical problem with our one vehicle turned out to be a $28 fix.

256. The bakery outlet in our town.

257. The Lending Library on base because of this service we have dishes, microwave, and air mattresses.

258. The opportunity to choose our home.

259. God showing me where I am lacking.

260. God taking a piece of me each day.


  1. Sounds like you do have a lot to be thankful for!

  2. So much to be thankful for! Glad that you made it safely to your new home! I hope you all are settling in OK :)



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