28 January 2012

In Our New Home Without Our Furniture

This past week we introduced the blessings and of course Manning, to our new home. I am so happy to hear the blessings say how much they love their new rooms and home. I really like the home as well. The new home is much smaller than we are use to, but I have a feeling God is helping me in the area of simplicity. Most of our furniture will not fit on our main floor, so whatever does not fit will make its way to the basement. I believe that those items should then be sold, but these are pieces I would like to keep for when we purchase our first home. If then they do not fit, I will sell them, but until then, the basement is their home.

Our household items are here in town, but unfortunately cannot be delivered until the 6th. Prayerfully a cancellation will occur this week, which then will bump up our delivery date. So as of right now we are enjoying the open space of our home. Thank goodness for the Army Community Serivces! These services have a lending library that allow us to check out dishes, air mattresses, a table with chairs, and a microwave. My brother blessed us with a television that he was not using, so we are able to watch movies by hooking up the Xbox.

The past couple of days have been a real eye-opener for me. We have been out picking up items that we need for our home and I am overwhelmed by prices. Yes prices in Alaska tend to be more expensive, however, we have found some items to be cheaper. I have started my hunt for coupons and discount stores. I saw a bakery outlet and my daughter mentioned we should go in. I at first, was "eh." I just did not feel like going in, but decided "why not?" I am so thankful we did! I was able to pick up four loaves of bread for $1.80! Did I mention that it was 85cents for one loaf and it was BOGO for free? Did I also mention, the bread bought was priced at $2.85 at Wal-Mart? We also walked away with the same brand of hot dog buns for 79 cents each. I was super giddy for our purchase.

After leaving Alaska our pay has decreased tremendously and I need for the family to jump on board this new lifestyle I'm trying to incorporate. The lifestyle of less spending and living simply. My main concern is our finances. So I started a game with the family, which is to see who can find the best deal while we are out. The blessings have found this as a challenge and are eager to find the better deals and are hoping they can beat me. I am happy to say I am in the lead ;)

What do you and your children do when it comes to frugal living?


  1. My girls discovered the joy of thrift store shopping this week. They were giddy with excitement over the prices they saw, and couldn't believe I hadn't taken them there before. Bargain hunters in the making.

    BTW, try www.afullcup.com they have a military commissary forum that helps with the couponing a lot. I used it all the time when in the lower 48.

  2. Here in UK we have Freecycle which i guess you have in the US. All m,y home has been furnished by other peoples handouts thru freecycle. Sometimes I really feel God helping me source stuff.



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