24 January 2012

Enjoying Family And Target Shopping

We have been visiting family since the 12th of January and it has been very refreshing. The hubby has been able to catch up and reconnect with family that he has not seen in over two years. The two blessings are enjoying and loving their time home with family. I, of course, enjoy it also.

We have signed for our new house, picked up our other vehicle, and brought the vehicle we drove cross-country into the shop for some TLC. I have done a little bit, or some, okay, a lot of shopping at Target. Hey, I've been frugal while I've been there, or most of the time.

We are still waiting on our household items to arrive. A winter storm has held up our items, so hopefully early next week we will receive a delivery date!

I do have to say it is quite an adjustment moving back to the lower 48. I have forgotten how fast-paced life is here and all the choices that surround us. Yes, it's nice with all the choices, but somewhat overwhelming.

I'm sure we can handle it!

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