11 January 2012

Awwww Back In The USA


We made it back into the United States!

I have been told by a couple people that Alaska is part of the United States. Yes we lived in Alaska and it is part of the United States, but we had to drive through Canada. So I just wanted to clarify ;)

The rest of our travels since the blizzard has been good. A rock has chipped our windshield and broke our fog lights. I would take that instead of the blizzard! We are excited because as I type this we are about 8 hours from family! Hubby has not been home or seen family in over two years!

Thank you all who have prayed for our trip and our safety. God is so good!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your time here in Canada, minus the blizzard :)

  2. No dis-respect to the Canadians, as they are fabulous peeps, but when we crossed the border, finally, into Alaska, I wanted to kiss the gaurd AND the ground. It might have had something to do with the fact that we had been on the road for over a month traveling around seeing family as well. I just wanted to get "home", where ever that was going to be ;-)



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