09 January 2012

Almost Half-Way


What a trip!!!

Thank you all for the prayers.  We definitely felt them and they were greatly needed.  We are 1200 miles into our 3,030 mile trek.  Our first day was good, and our second day, well God was with us.  We entered a blizzard in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and literally almost drove off the cliff.  God sent us a semi and lead us out of the storm.  We referred to it as God leading Moses out of Egypt.  Once we get to our final destination of Wisconsin I will write more about the storm and our trip.

Overall, we are loving our trip and have seen much wildlife.  Our count so far is 7 moose, over 50 buffalo, a herd of caribou, a snow hare, and wild horses.  Thankfully the wildlife have been on the side of the road and close enough to take pics but far enough away to be safe.

The best part is seeing God's beauty.

Thank you for the prayers and will post in a few days.



  1. Oh my goodness! Do be careful! I hope you have NO further excitement of the scary the rest of your trip. But plenty more of the wildlife kind!

  2. What route did you take out of Alaska/through Canada?

  3. I think during our travels God is showing how he protects us. When we PCSed from Cali to South Carolina, we were right in the middle of the bad Tornados in Alabama in April. It was very scary! God was faithful and kept us safe!
    Stay safe!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    @Conni all we saw after this post was a cow moose and her two babies.
    @Kendra we took the Alcan and entered US through North Dakota.
    @Confessions of Military wife I couldn't imagine traveling through tornados! God is so good!



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