17 December 2012

Menu Plan for 17 Dec-20 Dec

This week I just have a short week for menu plans. Last week we did not follow the plan to the "T," but we did well with eating at home. One day we did go out to eat, but I had that on the menu. Otherwise all of our meals were at home. Next week I do not know what my menu will look like because we will have company visiting. I plan on making a menu; I just do not know what it will look like yet.

Monday~ cereal
                 leftover spaghetti

Tuesday~ eggs and bacon
                 smoothies and leftover taco's (if any is left)
                 tater tot casserole

Wednesday~ pancakes and bacon
                       pizza bagels (kids request)
                       grilled turkey and cheese, french fries, and green beans

Thursday~ bagels
                    sandwiches, granola bar, oranges (co-op)
                    pizza, oranges and kiwi

What is your menu looking like this week?

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