29 March 2010

Menu Monday March 29th-April 2nd

I cannot believe that March has came and gone.  Is it just me or does it seem like 2010 is flying by???  Here is what we are eating for the last week of March:
Monday~ Doughnuts (thanks to hubby who just HAD to HAVE them from the store)
                 leftover spaghetti

                leftovers or breakner (Tuesday is the busiest day for us)
Wednesday~ eggs and bacon
                       fettuccine alfredo

                  mac and cheese with hot dogs

Friday~pancakes with bacon and sausage
             homemade chicken nuggets with yogurt

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I will be posting the fettuccine alfredo recipe, and I have not forgotten.  I have not gotten the recipe quite right yet.  So, I will be making it this week, and I will be posting next week with pictures.  Another recipe that I will be posting is the homemade chicken nuggets.  My family really loves these nuggets, and they are so easy to make.   

What will you be eating this week?  Will you be trying any new recipes?

For more menu ideas jump on over to Org Junkie.

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