29 March 2010


Last night the hubby and I watched a movie on the Lifetime Movie Network, and it was based on the horrible shooting in Pennsylvania with the Amish children.  The movie was called "Amish Grace", and if you get a chance, you have to watch it.  There was a part in the movie that has stuck with me, and I would like to share that with you.

In this scene the Amish are having church in the barn, and the Deacon was preaching about being simple.  He mentioned how he has been asked why be simple, and you can praise God with television.  The Deacon then goes on to say that the television is a distraction and gets in the way of serving and praising God.  (I have paraphrase here).

That little scene had a huge impact on me, along with the rest of the movie, but this really had me thinking.  It made me think of all the distractions that I allow in my life, the distractions that take me away from Him, the distractions that take my children away from Him.  There is many times where I know I should be reading the Word, and instead I turn on the computer (such as this morning).  Or when we are so busy throughout the week that we choose to sleep in on Sunday instead of attending church.  Even though we have our own little service, it is not the same as going to church and being "fed" or fellowshipping. 

I have been feeling convicted in certain areas and will be making some changes.  While I was in Maryland I use to get up earlier than my family and do my daily reading of His Word.  It truly made me feel refreshed and ready for the day.  During that time, I made a rule to myself that I would not turn on the computer until my reading was done.  If I decided to turn on the computer first I felt guilty, and would go read.  However, I have gotten out of that routine and I know I need to start it again.  As you can tell the computer is the biggest distraction to me.  So from now on I will be rising before my family, and putting Him first before anything. 

Just recently on March 25th was my one year anniversary of being baptized.  With the anniversary approaching and now passing I have come to the thoughts of my serving Him.  I took a public stance a year ago stating that I have given my life to Him, and that I am a follower to Him.  However, in my opinion I cannot live for Him if I am not putting Him first.  I need to get rid of the distractions, and that is what I will be doing.  I will be limiting my computer time to only doing my posts here on The Forever Neighbor, and paying bills.  No more distractions!

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

Do you have any distractions in your life that are keeping you away?


  1. I usually get up before my family so I can meditate on the thoughts floating around my busy mind. I think it does help me be more focused and intentional during the day. Good luck getting back in your routine!

  2. Although the computer/internet can be a distraction, and too much time can fly by unproductively...I really appreciate the inspiration I get from reading other mom's messages, about their challenges, struggles, great ideas and so on. It means a lot to me, and is very encouraging, which I bring back to serving God and my family, with more enthusiasm, patience and so on.

  3. I agree 100% with you on reading other mom's messages. I still do that, and it does offer much encouragement. I, however, will spend to much time on the computer. After reading the blogs I will move to Facebook, and lounge there for awhile. Then I will check my email, and then it seems like I start the same cycle over and over again. I just have to learn to use self-discipline =) Thank you for stopping by!



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