10 December 2012

Menu Plan for 10 Dec-16 Dec

Back to menu plans. Last week I started back into my menu plans and we did really well. We stuck to the menu and only swayed from it once, which was on Saturday. We ate at Subway BUT I had good coupon so I can justify with that.  This coming weekend we will be busy and away from the home for a few meals so I could not plan about three meals. I am not worry we will be wise :)

Monday~ chocolate chip pancakes with bacon
                 pizza bagels or leftovers
                 shake-n-bake chicken, french fries, peas, and oranges

Tuesday~ eggs and toast
                  sandwiches and yogurt

Wednesday~ monkey bread
                       noodles and oranges
                       french toast

Thursday~ snickerdoodle cake
                    sandwiches and kiwi
                    spaghetti pie and crescent rolls

Friday~ bagels
               hot dogs, french fries, and yogurt

Saturday~ cereal
                   Subway (coupon)
Sunday~ For dinner Taco John's....yuuuummmmy

What does your menu look like for this week?

For more menu ideas head over to Org Junkie.

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